Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Organic Crib Mattress by Organic Grace

Most conventional crib mattresses are made of petroleum products that emit toxic fumes. Petrochemical fumes are known to cause serious allergies, as well as problems for the immune and reproductive systems. Organic crib mattresses from Organic Grace, however, are made of organic cotton and chemical-free Pure Grow Wool. They provide a cozy, safe surface for your baby, with no synthetic fabrics, plastics, formaldehyde, chemicals, or dyes.

Organic Grace mattress is handcrafted, and at $219 plus free shipping, it's an exceptional value considering you're getting the very best for your newborn.

Organic crib mattress available at Organic Grace.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Positively Organic End of Summer Sale

I discovered Positively Organic this summer and was charmed by their colorful designs. So I ordered some newborn onesies for our daughter who's arriving this Fall, and was very pleased with the quality. Their sale means it's the perfect time to stock up for next summer--or just check out their new collection.

Summer sale at Positively Organic

Friday, August 17, 2007

Envirosax Reusable Bags

Carrying reusable bags when you go shopping may be a small gesture, but it's easy and rewarding. (The average American uses 500 plastic shopping bags in one year.) It took me a while not to forget mine when I went shopping, but once I got into the habit, it became second nature.

I really like this new line from Envirosax. Their bags are lightweight and compact, which allows you to keep one in your purse. And their stylish graphics mean you can use them for shopping at places other than just the grocery store. They're also waterproof with reinforced seams, and each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags.

Check them out at Envirosax

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shaklee Get Clean H2 all purpose cleaner

Once you realize how many harmful chemicals are in commonly used cleaning products, it's difficult to ignore the danger they pose to you, your family, and the planet. That's why I've been using "green" cleaning products in our home for some time now. But I only recently discovered the Get Clean line from Shaklee.

Both my housekeeper and I were initially skeptical about "all-purpose" cleaners. But we tried the Basic H2 product pictured above and love it. It does exactly what it promises to do. A 16oz bottle creates 48 gallons of safe (non-toxic, natural, and biodegradable), all-purpose cleaner. Use it for walls, windows, mirrors, countertops, floors, appliances, stoves, woodwork, and more. By making their products super-concentrated, Shaklee creates less waste: less weight to ship, less packaging to
throw away. So it's better for both your family and the environment.

Check it out at Shaklee.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Laptop Lunches

Another great product invented by moms for moms. Laptop Lunches are the American version of Japanese bento boxes. Bye-bye plastic baggies--this is the environmentally friendly way to pack nutritious lunches for your little one. The containers are reusable, recyclable, lead-free, and dishwasher-safe. And the makers even offer a great program to raise money for your child's school.

Get 10% off your order at Laptop Lunches with discount code "zoeb" during check-out.