Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Born Free Baby Bottles

You may have heard a lot lately about Bisphenol-A, a hormone-disrupting chemical that is shown to leach from baby bottles that are made of Polycarbonate (95% of the bottles on the market), and is considered potentially harmful to babies. A new company, BornFree™, offers baby bottles made of a new, safe, honey-colored plastic called Polyamide (PA) that is free of Bisphenol-A. I was happy to find a healthier alternative and wanted to pass it on to you.

Check out these latest articles from LA Times, CNN Money and San Francisco Chronicle and this video from ABC news on )8/05/07 .

Check out the Born Free Baby Bottles gift set at Zoë b.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bag E Wash: help the planet one baggie at a time

As a mom with 2 young kids, i do use baggies quite often, i always feel guilty when i put them in the trash. Not anymore, with Bag-E-Wash, a first-of-its-kind dishwasher accessory, i can easily clean and reuse all these baggies. I tried it and it works.

Jeannie, the mom-inventor, shared a story with me. A kindergarten teacher was concerned about all the baggies kids were bringing to school for their lunches and then just throwing them away. He collected them for a month. At the end of the month he had collected 400 bags. Four hundred bags from one classroom (of probably about 25 children) for one month. Unreal!

Help save the planet, one baggie at a time. Visit Bag-E-Wash, click on Zoë b's special on their homepage and you will get 4 Bag-E-Wash for the price of 3. Offer ends on May 31st.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nest eco-friendly furniture

Let's face it, finding eco-friendly furniture and accessories for your child's room isn't easy. Thanks to Nest, you can finally have fun decorating and still give your kids furniture that's good for them and the environment--no off-gassing, bad chemicals here. Nest is proud to use sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing practices during production: 100% organic cotton, low impact reactive dyes, water- borne finishes.

Their Jax storage tower works as well for diaper supplies when they’re young as it does for toys or sweaters or whatever when they get older. It even comes in four fun colors (green, purple, pink and orange).

Check out NEST to see the rest of their collection and get 20% off the entire store during their big May sale. Enter sale code "May Sale" during checkout.

Learning Tees, organic tees made for organic learning

This summer, I am trying to only buy organic tees for my kids and these fun organic tees from Learning Tees are going to make my 4 year old very happy. Choose a letter from A is for "ant" to Z is for "zebra" and you are good to go. The tees are $29 and come with a fact tag about the little creature or design on the t-shirt. This way you can be good to the environment and help your kids learn about their letters and the world around them. How perfect!

Get 20% off with code ORGANICMOM during checkout at Learning Tees

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Baby Kit

I think this is the perfect gift for a baby shower. The all-organic Angel Baby Kit ($49.95) includes a 100% organic tee, Bath Blossoms herbal bath, bottom balm, a mini-bar of diaper rash soap, and baby lotion.

Earth Mama Angel Baby® is the only complete line of truly 100% natural skin and body care products supporting the entire process of childbirth - from natural pregnancy through labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and natural baby care. They only use the highest quality organic herbs and ingredients. That means their products are safe for precious new mamas and babies--free from all artificial preservatives (like parabens), fragrances, and dyes--as well as 100% toxin-free and cruelty-free.

Mention "organicmom" during checkout at Earth Mama Angel Baby and get 10% off.

Aventura Clothing For Mom

Today, I'm thinking about myself and how comfortable this outfit looks for the upcoming summer months. The organic Castella Hoodie ($52) and organic Sheridan Pant ($65) are part of a collection from Aventura Clothing, who offer a full line of organic clothing for women.
Shipping is $4.95 on all web orders. Check it out at Aventura Clothing

Il Cocco Di Mamma Organic "Bonjour" Tees

I just had to feature these "Bonjour" organic tees since I'm French. Il Cocco Di Mamma organic tees also include some Italian phrases, like "Dolce come il Miele" (Sweet like Honey) and "Cielo" (Heaven Sent). Check out Il Cocco Di Mamma--they even offer Free Shipping and Gift Wrapping.

NUI Organics Wool Blanket

NUI Organics baby blankets top my list of great baby gifts. The blankets are crafted from the finest wool in the world - 100% certified organic New Zealand Merino. No nasty dyes or bleaches are used, just natural colors. For instance, the rich deep cocoa in the Grid blanket pictured here is actually from a black sheep.

And NUI Organics blankets are for life. Unlike some other products for kids, they're not disposable. You won't need three by the time your child is a one-year old. In fact, one blanket will last for your next three children. That's if baby number one will ever give it up, of course.

Get 10% at Nui Organics when mentioning Organic Mom Weekly at checkout.

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby Tees

Pamper your baby in the softest, most luxurious, organic-cotton tees and baby essentials. Pure Beginnings features 100% organic cotton that's been grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals, allowing delicate baby skin to breath naturally. Organic cotton is thicker, softer and longer-lasting than conventional, chemically-processed cotton. And at just $10.99 each, these baby tees are a great way to go organic with your newborn.

Get 15% off at Pure Beginnings (except beddings), just enter pbzoe at checkout.

Blirt Organic Tees for Tots

Did you know it takes 1/3 lb of chemicals to produce one conventional cotton t-shirt? That's why I was thrilled to discover Blirt--not only are their t-shirts cute and uniquely clever, but each is made from 100% organic cotton, using only low-impact dyes.

Blirt hopes to introduce kids to the playfulness of the English language, and their primary canvas of expression is the t-shirt. Their first line features offbeat interpretations of familiar figures of speech. (Pictured here is the "Fish Out Of Water" t-shirt.) Since Blirt believes that it's never too early to learn wordplay, their shirts run from infant to youth sizes. All are unisex in cut and color. A booklet even accompanies each shirt and provides derivations and definitions.

Go to Blirt and get 10% with coupon code: organicmom

Sleeping Better At Night

Would you have ever guessed these linens are organic? The Hotel Collection is 100% organic sateen cotton from India with 250 thread count. Get 10% off at Green Nest when you enter ORGMOM during check-out.

Green Nest
is a one-stop shopping site to create a safe and healthy home for you and your family.