Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have you seen the miYim Simply Organic: Dr. Suess Eco-Plush Collection?

The Cat in the Hat and Horton have gone green! This line of Dr. Suess characters are made from cotton that's untreated, unprocessed, and unbleached, both products are at the top of the class when it comes to being planet friendly. They are colored with miYim's all-natural PureWaterWash process using only plants and minerals. These classics have passed extensive testing and are certified non-toxic. It’s nice to know there are safe alternatives for your children, even in their favorite characters.

Take a look at them HERE.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Story of Cosmetics: The Scary Truth of Hidden Toxic Chemicals

Did you ever stop to consider what is in all those products that we slather on our skin? What is that fragrance? How do I pronounce many of the ingredients listed, let alone know what they contain? Where are the results from third party testing proving these ingredients are safe for human use?

The Story of Cosmetics was created by The Story of Stuff Project with free range studios and in conjunction with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. This video examines from start to finish the pervasive use of potentially toxic chemicals in everyday personal care products– products we use because most of us believe that somebody – somebody like our government regulatory bodies – has decided that the products and their ingredients are safe. But that isn’t the case – the FDA only bans 9 ingredients in personal care products and regulates colorants. Other than that, cosmetic companies are pretty much free to use what they want. Compare this to the European Union, which has banned or limited more than 1,100 ingredients in cosmetic products.

It continues by examining health implications of the decision of major manufacturers to use these ingredients in our everyday products, while telling us they are safe even though 99% have never been tested.

Learn more about The Story of Cosmetics in their FAQ at

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nellie’s PVC-free Dryer Balls

As you have probably heard, the majority of dryer balls available on the market are made from PVC, except Nellie’s Dryer Balls. Just like the same great dryer ball, you came to rely on to reduce your drying time by 25% and fluff up your clothes naturally, but now also readily recyclable. They have an all new fragrance option to ensure your clothes come out smelling clean. And to top it all off, the fragrance is a subtle scent of essential oils making it phthalate-free. This dryer ball is a great toxic-free alternative.

Blue Ribbon General Store was kind enough to offer our readers a 20% discount using the code “zoeb”.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Green and Reuse with Thred Up

As we all know kids grow so fast, keeping up with them can be challenging. Let alone the constant battle of trying to figure out what to do with the piles of clothes they have outgrown. We recently stumbled upon company created to help America’s busiest families to conveniently exchange kids clothing online, Thred Up.

  • How it works: Take one out. Put one in.
  • Browse online listings of boxes of gently-worn kids clothing
  • Conveniently Swap with Friends
  • List Clothing Your Child Has Outgrown
  • Join the 100% free Membership- all you pay is shipping and handling or become a Pro Member
It’s that easy! And Thred Up is offering our readers a special 20% discount on a Pro membership using the code "zoe" today through July 9th. PRO members have a VIP like experience on the site (more detail about items in each box, access to the "notes" section, exposure to our special promotions and giveaways).