Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spa Baby Tub Saves Water

Our daughter Sophie loves her European Spa Baby Tub. This unique bathing tub allows for a natural, upright position, calming and relaxing your baby with warm water up to his or her shoulders. (A reclined position in traditional tubs often makes babies feel exposed and uncomfortable.) And you'll be surprised by how little water is used for a bath. It's also made of polypropylene--a safe, non-toxic, and recyclable plastic with no BPA.

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CanCan said...

This is a great idea! The baby won't get cold as in regular baby tubs when most of their body is sticking out of the water. Why do Europeans come up with all of the cool stuff?

Aaron said...

Has anyone actually tried this? Seems like a good idea, even if the baby in the photo does look a little squished... (reminds me of those photos of a cat that has somehow managed to crawl into a glass or jug to take a nap...)

Also, is the polypropylene tub recyclable?

- Aaron Dalton,

Valerie said...

I have one for my daughter and it is why i have it on my website. I love it, it is easy and it really does use little water. It is also recyclable once you are done with it. She is 7 months old and 18 lbs and we can still use it.

Zoë B Organic

Aaron said...

Thanks for the reply, Valerie.
Of course not all bloggers review every product they feature on their sites. I'm glad to know you test yours personally! (I try to do the same on my site.)

I think it's fantastic that the little tub itself is recyclable.

- Aaron Dalton,