Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Z Boards Eco-Friendly Kids Playroom Set

It took Way Basics 10 years to perfect the ingenious building-block zBoards. Their patented, environmentally sound manufacturing process turns post-consumer recycled paper into superbly strong boards that weigh 62% less than particle board. BRILLIANT! zBoards are just as solid and structurally sound as any engineered wood furniture, yet they’re made from one of the simplest materials ever – paper.

They designed these marvelous building boards to be versatile and easy to assemble, and came up with a new way to put the pieces together. Strategically placed super-strong adhesive tape is the answer – all you do is peel off the protective covering, stick the blocks together, and you’re done. Voila! I can't wait to try it in our home.

Check out Way Basics for more great ideas.

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