Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lunapads Washable Pads

It is one thing i have been feeling guilty about for a long time, disposable pads. Not anymore, i finally invested in Lunapads washable pads. They are awesome, they feel great, very soft and more over they work. They even have them organic cotton (not pictured.) I now need to try the Diva cup. I would love to hear about it, let me know if you have tried.

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Monica said...

love, love, love the diva cup! it is so simple to use once you get used to it. and it pays for itself quickly. I bought mine 4 years ago -- I should have done it sooner!

Valerie said...

Thanks Monica. Valerie

Karen (Forgiven and Loved) said...


There is a learning curve. And you have to sort of "adjust" the insertion directions for what works for you, but once you get the knack of zap zog, it's out, cleaned out, and back in in no time at all!
Put it in and forget about it for 12 hours. WAY better than tampons!! And better for you!

Valerie said...

I guess i am going to try. Thanks.