Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spudware, 100% compostable tableware

Even though i try to bring re-usable utensils to picnic, sometimes you do need disposable tableware. Don't feel guilty anymore with SpudWare, it is 100% compostable! SpudWare is made from 80% potato or corn starch and 20% soy or other vegetable oils. It provides an excellent sustainable alternative to petroleum-based cutlery.

Gaiam is offering free shipping on all orders and with a price of $16 for a set of 50 forks, knives and spoons who can resist. Use code SFFS9 at check out. Offer expires -7/09/09.

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Dori Green Jean said...

Love this concept. Thanks for passing along the offer, too. I can't wait to try. Composting is genius; we throw less away and our garden is SO happy!