Thursday, March 11, 2010

BPA-free Chili, Finally!

Let me begin by saying I pride myself on my chili-making. But whipping up a batch without tomatoes and beans from BPA-lined cans has been a real challenge. So I'm happy to report I've found a solution: Eden Foods and Parmalat sell canned beans and chopped tomatoes in Tetra Pack packaging, respectively, without the worrisome chemical. They may be more expensive than regular canned beans and tomatoes, but they're definitely worth it. If you have your own, BPA-free chili recipe you'd like to share, by all means please post them on Comments.

To learn more about BPA in canned foods, visit Edens Food. You can find Pomi products (from Parmalat) in your local supermarket or online.


Rachel said...

Valerie, I make chili with beans that I purchase in bulk, dried. I make big batches of the same bean (all pinto, for instance) and then freeze what I don't need for another day. So, instead of canned beans in my cupbard, I have frozen beans! For tomatoes, I just bought some of the jarred Bionatural brand off of Vitacost.

Sue said...

I was looking for a post about this!!!! I was thinking Eden organic cans but then was like, I can always soak the beans, but what about the tomatoes???? Ugh. I want to make some decent chili this week for the start of college football season at our house! Thanks for the post.