Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eat Cleaner Wipes for Fruits and Vegetables

Growing up I knew the hands that grew the bulk of the vegetables and fruits we ate. My parents and grandparents carefully cleaned and soaked everything before we "put it up for the winter". However, things are very different for my own family. I rarely know the people who have produced our bounty. Thinking about all the pesticides, bacteria, wax or simply the number of hands that touch our food, I was grateful to discover an all natural food wash called eat cleaner.

Grow Green Industries produces a variety of cleaners that you can use for all of your foods including meats. But what I was most excited about was the biodegradable cloth that can be purchased in bulk or as individuals. The wipes are made of Kosher certified ingredients. You simply wipe the fruit or vegetable and its clean and ready to eat. I tried it out this week and tasted nothing but the apple I was sinking my teeth into. I will definitely be carrying these wipes with me and packing them with my husband and children as well. Get a 25% discount at with coupon code FOEO479291.

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kinshealth said...

These look great! Unfortunately when I tried to purchase them the discount code wouldn't work and you can see everyones shipping and billing address! That makes me nervous. I really want to get some of these though.